A Michele Noble Film
A Michele Noble Film

Journey 4 Artists is a unique feature length documentary which demonstrates how the power of music has the ability to elevate both the performer and audience beyond divergent religious, political, and ideological boundaries. 

In this documentary, world music serves as a catalyst for four artists:  Theodore Bikel, Tamara Brooks, Merima Ključo and Shura Lipovsky, who come from Jewish, Muslim, Bosnian, Dutch, French, Greek, Russian and Austrian cultures to share their extraordinary passion and purpose which is to make music that transcends the discordance of the ordinary world. 

Shura Lipovsky, Tamara Brooks, Theo Bikel, Merima Ključo
Journey 4 Artists is an authentic, poignant and sometimes difficult exploration of the human spirit through an artful blend of music, personal narrative and visual history, all of which demonstrates how far we all have come while encouraging us to continue our movement forward towards acceptance and peace.


Theo  is an award winning actor,
tireless activist and beloved folksinger.
Born in Austria, at 13, he fled the Nazis
to Israel. He often states, "My guitar
is my only weapon for peace."

Tamara was a child prodigy pianist. 
Her great love of music first came
from her Jewish uncle and her
Gypsy grandfather.  "Music is often
free of prejudice."

Merima was born in Bosnia. She is
a celebrated concert accordionist.
"I always like to surprise people by
performing  pieces which shatter
their false ideas of my instrument."

Shura is an illustrious singer, poet,
dancer and peace activist.  "At
the core of my life is my deep
passion for the Yiddish language."

      Officially Selected
   7th Zagreb Jewish Film Festival
     Festival of Tolerance
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