Director's Statement

Journey 4 Artists is an extremely personal documentary for me because it demonstrates, illuminates and proclaims the ideals of political, social and religious activism through artistic expression, in this case, world music. I wanted to realize this film because I believe this amazing quartet who are all celebrated as individual performers, was unique in its composition of players and in its commitment of its ideals for peace. These four musical artists: Theodore Bikel, Shura Lipvosky, Merima Kljuco, and Tamara Brooks and their deep understanding of our shared worldand their mission to present a better way in which we can live together is inspiring. When they played all of these traditional songs of different cultures and in different languages, I was struck by how familiar the songs seemed. They were speaking to me on an intense level as if they were songs from a distant home, a common place, living somehow secretly deep inside my soul.

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