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Production Notes

Dawn Patrol

Director/producer Michele Noble knew she needed a large location with old world charm and warm acoustics. The warm sound was critical since Journey 4 Artists records 27 world music songs entirely LIVE. No playback. After weeks, Noble found an ideal location unfortunately only available from 6pm to 6am; in addition, her film and music recording crew had to load in/out each night/dawn. Each night the crew loaded everything in, dressed the set, set the microphones, cameras, etc. and each dawn the crew removed everything leaving no trace of them having been there. After days of doing this, cast and crew were dragging. 5 AM loomed. Noble knew she needed to stop filming soon in order to put the location back together, and the crew could feel themselves wanting to commence their dawn duties. But Theodore Bikel had other ideas. He asked Michele if he could do his Russian Cossack's song. "Are you sure you have another one tonight in you, it's 5AM?" Noble asked. "Sure, I always have another one in me." Bikel assured her. The crew shot Noble frustrated looks when she decided to set up the shot. Bikel began the song, his energy suddenly blasting-- lively, authentic, electrifying the once almost dormant crew. Instantly, they were involved in Bikel, in the song, the music, the feeling. Bikel did the song with bold gusto, a flawless performance in one take. The now invigorated crew erupted in applause. Noble knew she had perfectly captured Bikel's rare performance --his lightning in a bottle at dawn.

On Journey4Artists set director/producer Michele Noble and Theodore Bikel        Photo: Anne Williams
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